[Tkinter-discuss] Error in TopLevel Window

Gerardo Juarez gerardo at computo-industrial.com.mx
Tue Feb 20 17:41:38 CET 2007


I am having a problem with one application that is proving very difficult
to pinpoint. The application downloads its own upgrades from a server and
notifies the user that this has been so with a Toplevel window, suggesting
to restart the application whenever possible to make changes effective.
Everything seems to be normal on Linux, but on Windows 9x, the very first
time after a reboot that this upgrade takes place, it is done
successfully, but the toplevel window opens blank with a large number as
its title (like "1127987922") -which has nothing to do with the title I am
using for it- and the application freezes. After killing and restarting
it, any further upgrades are uneventful, including the toplevel window
message. The problem occurs irrespective of what other applications are
running. I have received no reports of this problem on WinXP.

Do you know of any conditions under which something like could 
happen? Have you seen this behaviour before? 

Any guesses or speculations will be greatly appreciated...

Gerardo Juarez

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