[Tkinter-discuss] Who maintains the Wiki?

Mannequin* mannslists at invigorated.org
Tue Feb 20 19:08:17 CET 2007

I accidentally sent this directly to Sorin... :P

Sorin Schwimmer wrote:
 > Hi All,
 > I just noticed at the bottom of
 > http://tkinter.unpythonic.net/wiki/FrontPage
 > a collection of links that don't belong there.
 > Now, I know that there are porn-loving people, but I'm
 > one who thinks that it doesn't belong to this wiki.
 > Does anybody know how to contact the person(s) who
 > maintain this wiki?

I'm not a maintainer, but I'm in the process of removing the SPAM. The 
SPAMmer also hit the "WikiCourse/BasicIntroduction/091 Tips on the 
Editor", "PythonLanguage", and "WikiWikiWebb".


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