[Tkinter-discuss] Rebuilding tkinter using VC8

Howard Lightstone howard at eegsoftware.com
Fri Jan 12 22:10:58 CET 2007

I am having some difficulties rebuilding tkinter using VC++ 
2005 (the only M$soft compiler you can buy now).

I was able to get Python 2.5 to rebuild.  I had to get tcl/tk 
8.4.14 to be able to compile with VC8 (using the kind of 
process specified in the python build documentation). 

Tix, however, will not build using either 8.4.0 or 8.4.2.  It looks 
like the VC8 makefile changes have never made it there.

The TIX mailing list looks suspiciously empty.  Is anyone 
working on this?  I tried to make up a "solution" file but I get 
floods of linkage and/or compile errors no matter how I try 
setting the build options.

Unfortunately, I HAVE to rebuild python with VC8 (since it is 
embedded) and thus all the .pyds and supporting DLLs need 
to be using the same libraries......

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