[Tkinter-discuss] Find_closest, bbox, and weirdness

Russell E Owen rowen at cesmail.net
Thu Jan 18 21:36:18 CET 2007

In article <45AF2253.2080903 at juno.com>, Jeff Cagle <jrcagle at juno.com> 

> So I was trying to pretty up a GUI.  It took 20 minutes to write code to 
> place names in a circle and draw arrows to the names that are related 
> (actually, the names are filenames, and the arrows represent 'import' or 
> 'from ... import' statements).
> It's taken a couple of hours to try to clean it up so that the arrows go 
> up to the bounding box of the text, but not inside. 
> Here was the plan: Compute the line that connects the centers of the 
> text objects.  Figure out where that line intersects the bounding boxes 
> of the texts, and draw the lines to the intersection points instead of 
> center-to-center.
> It all works ... except that I don't get the right bounding boxes.  
> Here's the code:

it sounds like object with ID 1 may be overlapping all the other 
objects. Tk's find_closest is primitive in how it handles overlap.

Unless you can guarantee that your text objects will never overlap I 
suggest you find the closest one yourself. Keep a list of object coords 
and scan through them. If the objects can be moved around then use a 
callback to update the position.

-- Russell

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