[Tkinter-discuss] What is wrong with this?

Mannequin* mannslists at invigorated.org
Sun Jan 21 17:59:29 CET 2007

Stewart Midwinter wrote:
> The problem with your test app is that in your button definition, you
> didn't just provide the name of a method for the callback,you also
> provided an argument for it.  That ensures that the callback will be
> called as soon as the button is instantiated.
> To get around this, one approach is to use a lambda function.  Another
> approach is to create a separate function for each button and call it
> without any arguments. Here are the final lines of your test app with
> the 2nd approach:


Thanks for the reply. I thought it was probably something like that with 
the tests I've done. I was reading a book that said I could do it, but 
it's a bit old (for Python 2.1). I only really use it for a reference.

So I've implemented what I wanted through lambda, which works perfectly 
well. Thanks for your help!



# ...
         self.button7 = Button (self.topbuttonframe, text = "7", width = 
2, command = lambda y = '7' : self.buttonAction(y))
# ...

     def buttonAction (self, action = '+'):
         self.entry["state"] = NORMAL
         self.entry.insert (self.place, action)
         self.place = self.place + 1
         self.entry["state"] = DISABLED

# ...


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