[Tkinter-discuss] Main loop / Scheduling

Alec Solway asolway at seas.upenn.edu
Thu Apr 10 17:45:40 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I'm debugging an existing application which uses Tkinter. Having not  
worked much with the library... please bear with me. In general, how  
is invocation of the event handler/dispatcher scheduled?

The application in question is a Tcl/Tk library written in C; a Python  
interface using Tkinter sits on top of it. It seems to start the main  
loop implicitly by creating a Tkinter.Tk object (is this true of how  
the loop gets started?). The underlying C library schedules a task to  
run at a set interval with Tcl_CreateTimerHandler(...). If I'm not  
running any code outside of this framework, all is good. However, if I  
run anything in Python-space (say, just a really long loop that prints  
numbers, for testing), invocation of the scheduled task is delayed  
until this other task is done. My questions then are:

(1) Is this an inherit problem with how things in general are set up?  
Is everything running under a single thread?

(2) If not, is it possible to bump up the priority of the Tcl/Tk main  
loop and have it preempt Python space more often (or at all!), or  
conversely, downgrade the priority of the Python space process?

(3) If option 2 fails, are there other alternatives anyone can think  
of to have these two things co-operate?

Thanks for your help.

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