[Tkinter-discuss] configuring temporary entry widget of TableList Cell using Python

Lee Walczak lee at sequans.com
Tue Aug 19 00:30:47 CEST 2008


 I recently posted this to comp.lang.python & tcl, but have not had much
luck with responses on how to do this.

Really hoping you guys can help with me with this. No doubt the answer is
right under my nose!

Let me know if it is useful for me to provide a direct example of what I am
trying to achieve. 

I really look forward to receiving correspondence on this!


Best Regards,






I am using Tkinter & the Kevin Walzer's TableList Wrapper for python 
implemented GUI: 


The TableList has been extremely useful in allowing me to create my 
GUI for my engineering requirements, but I have hit a brick wall and 
need some assistance. 

"I am unable to configure the Temporary Embedded ComboBox List when 
the specific TableList cell is selected for editing" 

I have a registered the Bwidget Combobox widget so I can use this as 
an alternative temporary Entry Widget ( depending on the specific cell 
usage) thanks to some assistance from Kevin Walzer ( Many thanks ). I 
configure the particular cell's edit window (-editwindow ) for 
ComboBox which is working successfully. 
The problem I have is I wish to change the "-values" of the Temporary 
Combobox Widget i.e. a List that I can specify. 
When my "-editstartcommand" call is called I firstly request the pathname of

the Temporary Embedded Widget using, 
 TEW = editwinpath() 
I am then assuming (although I must be wrong!) that I can then do: 

 TEW.configure( values=("my","list","of","Strings")) 

However, this leads to the exception error ->  TEW does not contain 
such an attribute "configure". 
My reference for this procedure is (http://objectmix.com/tcl/377931- 
communicating-tablelist-embedded-widgets.html but also available from 
tcl.tk tablelist coding examples) : 

proc editStartCmd {tbl row col text} { 
set w [$tbl editwinpath] 

switch [$tbl columncget $col -name] { 
currency { 
# Populate the ComboBox and make it non-editable 
$w configure -values {Dollar Euro Yen ...} -editable no 


. . . 


return $text 


It is this procedure I am trying to replicate in Python. Is it 
possible to guide help tell me the right approach here. Of course I 
can submit my code to help ( if this is useful ) but the problem I 
think clear to see from these summary details. 
Please take it easy on me, I am a HW engineer by trade and am slowly 
(but surely) gaining more knowledge & experience in the world of 
Python (and of course Tkinter)! 


Lee Walczak 


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