[Tkinter-discuss] Tkinter and TableList - Configure the Temporary Embedded Widgets

Lee Walczak lee at sequans.com
Wed Aug 20 21:30:19 CEST 2008

I actually post a topic relating to my problem on this mailing list a couple
of days ago

but I thought it could be useful to place an example of my problem 
here aswell. This a small piece of testcode that creates a TableList. 
When the cell is selected, a ComboBox Widget is used temporarily 
during the editing phase. It is during this ( EditStartCmd call) that 
I wish to configure the "values" of the Widget. My question is, ""How 
do I do this ?"" 

The code below returns the error when the cell is selected. : 

Traceback (most recent call last): 
  File "D:\Python25\lib\lib-tk\Tkinter.py", line 1403, in __call__ 
    return self.func(*args) 
  File "D:\PythonWS\TEW Test.py", line 34, in EditStartCmd 
    TEW.configure(values=("This","Is","A","Test"))  # Here I "try" to 
configure the Temporary Widget 
AttributeError: '_tkinter.Tcl_Obj' object has no attribute 'configure' 

I has also provided a normal bwidget combox box ( which I use for the 
Temporary Embedded Widget). It shows the normal method of configuring 
the "values" is working, just the method I assume for embedded ones it 

Anyone who has experience in Tkinter & Tablelist would really help me 
here. It could be something really silly that I do not appreciate and 
any clues would really help! 


import Tkinter 
import bwidget 
import tktablelist 

root = Tkinter.Tk() 
TestFr = Tkinter.Frame(root) 
TestBox = bwidget.ComboBox(root) 
TestBox.configure( values = ("1","two","4rer")) 

class TableBuilder: 
    def __init__(self, Frame, Titles): 
            stretch = "all", 

    def BuildTable(self,Titles): 
        I = 0 
        for Title in Titles: 
            self.Table.insertcolumns("end", 0, Title) 
            I +=1 
        for row in range(10): 
            self.Table.rowconfigure("end", text=(row,row+1,row*row)) 

    def EditStartCmd(self, table, row, col, text): 
        TEW = self.Table.editwinpath()                        # Here I 
return the Temporary Widget pathname 
        TEW.configure(values=("This","Is","A","Test"))  # Configure 
the Temp Widget - This is wrong! what is right? 

Test = TableBuilder(TestFr,['A','B','C']) 
TestBox = bwidget.ComboBox(root) 
TestBox.configure( text=" This Works!", values = ("1","two","4rer")) 


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