[Tkinter-discuss] getting started - canvas - "multislider" / function editor

Tim Mortimer timmortimer at d2.net.au
Mon Feb 4 03:31:34 CET 2008


I'm new to GUI programming, & self taught at Python which is the only 
"real world" programming language i know - I picked it up last year to 
try and work with Csound to make "algorithmically assisted" 
compositions, & now hopefully through tkinter some basic interfacing 
options. (Csound is accesible via python through an api, &/or vice versa...)

What i want to do is use the Canvas object (assumedly with a series of 
rectangles on it, let's say 64 or 128 or 256 being the likely number of 
candidates depending on the editing task..) so that i can graphically 
edit the contents of function tables in csound.

The rectangles on the canvas will simply be lenghtened or shortened in 
the vertical direction, & all sit one next to the other (so it looks 
like the interface from an EQ on a stereo, or a "skyline" type 
appearance...maybe coloured rectangles will identify every 8 or 10 or 12 
index values or something...

But i've got no experience of this, have run some very simple examples 
illustrating some basic tkinter behaviour ("hello world" that type of 
thing...) - but surely there is something around showing some simple 
canvas operations so i can start hacking it & getting this started, & 
learning something about tkinter in the process??

Does anyone know or have an implementation of this type of thing in 
tkinter, or alternately some simple & pedagogically useful examples of 
basic canvas & user interfacing types of operations? (resizing boxes on 
a canvas with the mouse & reporting values being the general idea...)

many thanks


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