[Tkinter-discuss] Color blindness

Bob Greschke bob at passcal.nmt.edu
Fri Feb 8 20:30:10 CET 2008

I use colors quite a bit in my programs:

The black indicator boxes across the top can be any of the colors of  
the colored buttons on the left side of the form:

If the text is colored it is always on a black background. If the  
text background is white then the foreground is always black:


Probably wouldn't try to remap all of these colors (there's 20  


I got to thinking about what should be done to make things better for  
color blind people.  I poked around a bit online, but the range of  
info went from mathematical formulas to come up with the right colors  
to use to some guys that were color blind saying don't bother doing  
anything.  For my stuff it would be pretty simple to, for example,  
change all red things to yellow, or all blue things to magenta, or  
whatever, but I can't find any info on exactly what would be good to  
do (I'm talking major, big picture, catch the greatest number of  
people stuff while knowing the level of color blindness is infinitely  
variable).  I just have a 'Clr' dictionary at the beginning of each  
program with entries like "C":"cyan", "R":"red", etc. which could be  
remapped in a jiffy for each type of user-selectable color blindness  
(the 2 or 3 major ones).

Anybody know of a good source of info, or does this not even make  
sense to worry about?



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