[Tkinter-discuss] Is Rapyd-Tk still developing?

Cam Farnell hsa01 at bitflipper.ca
Sun Feb 24 18:30:31 CET 2008


The answer is that Rapyd-Tk is developing, albeit slowly. The slow development is because:

1) Like everybody else I'm pretty busy.
2) I use Rapyd-Tk daily for major programs and have no serious issues; it just works.
3) No bugs have been reported and almost nobody has put in feature requests.

There is no intention of abandoning Rapyd-Tk and if someone submitted a report of a non-trivial bug 
I would do my best to fix it promptly.

I have recently been contacted by a Mike Ward who is interested in adding Tix support. Assuming that 
goes ahead, it will result in a new release and I would probably throw in some beetle corrections at 
the same time.

So the short answer is go ahead and use Rapyd-Tk; it's an active project.

Cam Farnell

Dick Moores wrote:
> <http://www.bitflipper.ca/rapyd/>
> Is Rapyd-Tk still developing? If it is, I'm interested in learning to
> use it. If not, I'm not.
> The version history file shows the last version, 0.1.1 came out 2007/01/08.
> Thanks,
> Dick Moores

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