[Tkinter-discuss] Adding/removing widgets from a running application?

Jim Kleckner jek-gmane at kleckner.net
Tue Feb 26 04:45:00 CET 2008

Jim Kleckner wrote:
> What I actually want is to construct and add new widgets
> during the mainloop().  So a button that appends new labels
> at the bottom based on a text entry field would demonstrate
> the issue.
> I've been playing with this extremely simple and interesting
> tVector helper code from here:
>   http://www.freenet.org.nz/python/tVector/
> Ideally, I just want to reach in and extend the widget list.
> I'm attaching a file with some concept code using tVector
> (yes, I should rewrite it with grid, I guess).
> The grid manager looks interesting and it seems that it
> ought to be able do something like this but the methods
> don't obviously have an append() or some such.

Ok, I hacked together a grid-based demo.
Care to comment on this code?

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