[Tkinter-discuss] fgstipple on Text widget

Ron Provost ron.longo at cox.net
Sun Mar 23 18:20:11 CET 2008

I've been trying to figure out how to use the stipple options for the Text widget.  I've gotten bgstipple to work simply enough.  Figure that fgstipple should work just the same but instead it just seems to blank out the complete range of characters to which it's applied.  Here's the code I've been experimenting with:

from Tkinter import *

root = Tk()
t = Text(root)
t.insert( END, '01234567890123456789' )
t.tag_add( 'x', '1.4', '1.12')
t.tag_config( 'x', fgstipple='gray12' )
t.pack( )

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong or is this a bug in the widget?

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