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btkuhn at email.unc.edu btkuhn at email.unc.edu
Tue Nov 4 22:25:11 CET 2008

Thanks Tim. I actually started out using the grid geometry manager, 
though, and I switched to pack specifically because I thought maybe the 
problem was being caused by the grid manager, and thought maybe the 
pack manager would correct things. I'm getting the same problem with 
both the pack and grid managers; specifically, that my enclosing frames 
seem to move to adjust to the size of widgets placed inside of them, 
which distorts the dimensions of all my windows.


Quoting Tim Jones <timj at tolisgroup.com>:

> On Nov 4, 2008, at 12:45 PM, btkuhn at email.unc.edu wrote:
>> When I specify dimensions of the text boxes, no matter how high or  
>> low, the enclosing frame seems to adjust to fit the new boxes. So,  
>> for instance, if I try inserting a text widget in leftframe with  
>> dimensions 1x1, leftframe shrinks down to 1x1. If I make the text  
>> widget 100x100, leftframe takes that size. What I want, and what  
>> seems like should be happening, is if I have leftframe which is  
>> 500X500 pixels, and I create a text box wit effective dimensions of  
>> 200X200 (I understand that text widgets use lines as dimensions),  
>> the text box should take up a little less than half of leftframe,  
>> with leftframe remaining 500X500 pixels. Instead, leftframe is  
>> shrinking down to become 200X200, and I can't figure out why. After  
>> a while I tried removing the text boxes and I got the same problem.  
>> I think maybe this code will better illustrate the problem. This  
>> first set of code is the totally stripped down version, and you can  
>> see leftframe in white on the left, and rightframe in blue on the  
>> right.
> Check out the tkinter docs (or tk docs, for that matter) for the Grid 
>  geometry manager and how to use it over the pack geometry manager.
> HTH,
> Tim

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