[Tkinter-discuss] Custom Colors in tkColorChooser dialog

david.giesen at kodak.com david.giesen at kodak.com
Tue Nov 11 15:11:06 CET 2008

Hi -

When invoking the tkColorChooser.askcolor() dialog on Windows, a window 
pops up that shows on the lefthand side a grid of basic color patches and 
two rows of custom color patches.

The custom color patches by default seem to simply be a set of reds and 
purples.  The user can modify these, but the modifications only last for 
the duration of the program - the next time it starts, the colors are back 
to the defaults.  Is there any way to modify this set of custom colors via 
code?  I'd like to present the users with a custom template for a program 
I'm writing.



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