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> Subject: help: need to unify several windows in one
> Hi All,
> I have an application that has 3 windows:
> first window is coming from Vpython (http://vpython.org/)
>   /for example Tk-Visual.py after the installation of vpython/
> second window is a console window
> third window from Tkinter - full with widgets.
> I would like to compile my application (for example with py2exe) such that:
> to avoid the black console window and second to redirect it's ALL output to
> the text widget.
> Because the interface of my application is a bit clumsy, I would like to
> unify all these 3 windows in one.

You have 3 toplevels and want to put them all in one ? The "easiest"
way would be to change them to frames and create a single main window
to hold them. If you are not using any of the Wm methods, then your
task is complete now.

> I am ready to send my application if necessary for further help.
> Any links, examples etc. are welcome.
> Thx
> Andrew
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