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>> Subject: help: need to unify several windows in one
>> Hi All,
>> I have an application that has 3 windows:
>> first window is coming from Vpython (http://vpython.org/)
>>   /for example Tk-Visual.py after the installation of vpython/
>> second window is a console window
>> third window from Tkinter - full with widgets.
>> I would like to compile my application (for example with py2exe) such that:
>> to avoid the black console window and second to redirect it's ALL output to
>> the text widget.
>> Because the interface of my application is a bit clumsy, I would like to
>> unify all these 3 windows in one.
> You have 3 toplevels and want to put them all in one ? The "easiest"
> way would be to change them to frames and create a single main window
> to hold them. If you are not using any of the Wm methods, then your
> task is complete now.

Now that I looked at vpython I must say that you will have a hard time
achieving this. I would stick to at least two windows, one that is
handled by vpython and other by tk (where you will be able to merge tk
windows into one more easily), except if you are willing to put some
(or more than some) time/effort into it.

>> I am ready to send my application if necessary for further help.
>> Any links, examples etc. are welcome.
>> Thx
>> Andrew
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