[Tkinter-discuss] Changing the label of a tix.NoteBook tab

Luke Maurits luke at maurits.id.au
Sat Apr 25 16:01:00 CEST 2009

Hallo Michael,


> obviously the pageconfigure() method is missing from Tix.py, so this is perfectly what you
> are suposed to do :)
> If you wish you can do the same a bit shorter:
>   nb.tk.call(nb._w,"pageconfigure","tab", "-label", "Bar")

Thank you for your very prompt reply.  I am surprised that this is the only way to do what I want but am glad that I have stumbled upon the correct way.  I will certainly use your shorter/neater version in my application since it is much easier to read.

I wonder why the decision was made not to implement pageconfigure in Tix.py?  It seems like this would be very easy:

def pageconfigure(self, name, cnf={}, **kw):
        self.tk.call(self._w, "pageconfigure", name, *self._options(cnf, kw))

should do it perfectly, no?  This would certainly be much more user friendly, I think a lot of people would give up before discovering how to call it through tk.call.  Still, I don't suppose anybody on this list is likely to actually know what the author of Tix.py was thinking at the time, so it's not really something to be discussed here.

Thanks again, very much!


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