[Tkinter-discuss] How do I identify which menu item has bee selected?

Cameron Laird Cameron at phaseit.net
Wed Aug 19 14:01:15 CEST 2009

On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 10:53:07AM +0200, Francesco Bochicchio wrote:
		[much valuable detail]
> P.S : in case you don't know, unlike Java, Python has not a 'default widget
> set', that you must use if you are coding in python.
> Instead, you can use several among the most popular widget toolkits (Gtk+,
> Qt, ... ), even Swing if you use the java version of python (Jython), which
> is a bit behind as language version (stable supports Python 2.5, beta
> supports Python 2.6).
> Tkinter has the advantage of being bundled with python (for the others you
> have to dounload and install additional modules) and surely is suitable for
> many tasks, especially if for you functionality is more important than look
> (although with a bit of effort Tk GUI can also look cool, see for instance
> aMSN, a clone of mSN Messanger written using the same toolkit of Tkinter,
> but not in Python).
I don't understand the distinction you're drawing between Python
and Java.  What is Java's "default widget set"?  AWT?  JFC?  But
what about, for example, Thinlet?

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