[Tkinter-discuss] The wiki -- spammers and permission to edit

Jeff Epler jepler at unpythonic.net
Mon Mar 2 18:12:56 CET 2009

The wiki has been seeing a ton of spam since I upgraded to a modern
version of moin (isn't that ironic! perhaps I should downgrade again).

Simply requiring users to sign in before editing has also not proven to
be enough.

I am stuck with Ubuntu Hardy Heron's version of moin, so I can't enable
advanced features like TextCha that are in the newest versions of moin.
(I am using BadContent and LocalBadContent, but those are useless
against the current kind of spam which consist of creating a new page
and then putting the actual spam in an attachment to the page!)

Therefore, I've chosen to implement a whitelist of approved editors.
Create a wiki account if you don't have one yet, and I'll add you to the
page ApprovedEditorsGroup.  (actually, anyone who is an approved editor
can edit this page, and I've added all people who edited pages since

I'm open to better suggestions, again with the caveat that I'm stuck on
hardy heron's version of moin, 1.5.8-5.1ubuntu2.2.  I'm also open to
anyone who is able to take over the wiki and do a better job at
technical countermeasures than me, or an initiative to move the
information on it to the common Python wiki.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience this will cause for everyone who would
like to contribute to the wiki.


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