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jimscafe pdhartley at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 09:42:34 CET 2009

I am a businessman who writes his own software to help run the business. That
said I started writing software in Fortran on an ICL mainframe, then on a
Commodore pet, then an Apple II.

I gravitated towards Python some 6 years ago (via java and perl) and enjoy

The gui is another matter. I tried TK at first then for the last 3 years
have been using wxPython - I bought a book on it as I find the documentation
difficult, not to say irritating at times.

This week I decided to try and go back to TK, so I have been writing demo
code to make sure that I have the necessary tools to complete the few main
applications I already have that use a gui.

The frustration with wx is mainly little niggles. There is no doubt it is a
wonderful package, but I just find the niggles more and more drustrating.
For example, I have decided to try to use linux as my development desktop
(mint linux). I like it a lot (from XP) but my finance software needs to be
altered a lot using wx - partly it is font problems, but even installing
Windows fonts on mint did not solve the display problems. The final problem
was the combo box, which behaves differently on Windows and linux and which
in the forums I searched there was no satisfactory answer as to how to fix
it or why there was a difference.

Hence I thought I would go back to basics. My first task was to create a
grid widget to display my monthly data by orders, invoices etc. I did this
using a grid of labels. A combo box is an OptionMenu(took some time to
figure this out satisfactorily).

To the more experienced (i.e. people who program for a living), is using tk
a sensible decision? I looked at other gui options, but all seemed
complicated and not necessarily well documented online.
Where am I likely to come across things I need to do that will be impossible
in tk (if any)?

I have just spent about 10 hours writing demo code in tk and I think I can
cover all the applications I have developed in wx. This might take me a week
- not really many applications currently in use. And I do feel there is more
control in tk over the widget. Not quite sure what I mean by this but
because the widgets are more basic it seems easier to use them and then
develop them further.

My main monthly report I have used the model-view-control approach, so only
the view part needs changing.

There doesn't seem to be much development going on in tk, is this a
potential future problem?

Any comments will be much appreciated.

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