[Tkinter-discuss] How to set optionmenu without setting the variable

david.giesen at kodak.com david.giesen at kodak.com
Wed Nov 4 14:23:39 CET 2009

I don't believe there is any way to create an OptionMenu without using a 
Tk variable.

However, if all you want to do is to change the value of an already 
created OptionMenu without using the variable, you can do this:

import Tkinter as Tk
root = Tk.Tk()
var = Tk.StringVar()
om = Tk.OptionMenu(root, var, 'a', 'b', 'c')

where index is the index of the value you want to select.  In this case, 
index=0 for 'a', 1 for 'b', or 2 for 'c'.

I'm not sure that's really an improvement for you, but it works.

Also note - you can add additional options after creation to the 
OptionMenu through a bit of a backdoor using a private Tk function (so 
this isn't strictly recommended, I guess) using the following syntax:

om['menu'].add_command(label='new_value', command=Tk._setit(var, 


> The conventional way goes this
> var = Stringvar()
> var.set('value') 
> But i want to happen without using the variable. Can someone help me out 
> this?
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