[Tkinter-discuss] update of elements in GUI

Alex Ter-Sarkissov sigma.z.1980 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 05:44:11 CEST 2010

Ok, it actually seems to work, apart from one thing: what if I need to
update an array, rather than a single element? I mean, each iteration I
store an array, then use it the next iteration (naturally, the first array
is generated randomly). This worked for the counter:

   1. def run(*args):
   2.     n=0;master=mainframe
   3.     best.set('test # %d' % (n))
   4.     n += 1
   5.     if n <= 10:
   6.         mainframe.after(1000, run, n, master)

but when I do the same for a matrix, I get the computer either hung or some
errors. Ususally, I run a loop for G generations within the function, but in
this example the
algorithm itself restarts G times. Any ideas how to handle this?

Sorry for being messy, it's just the ONLY thing that I can't make work here,
everything is is just fine)


2010/8/19 Alex Ter-Sarkissov <sigma.z.1980 at gmail.com>

> thanks guys, this does seem to work...nevertheless, since I'm quite new to
> both python and gui design, one more question: how would I do the same, but
> launching the counter at the click of the button? I tried (from Firat's last
> example)
> def increment(*args):    var.set(var.get()+1)    root.after(1000, increment)
> but1=Button(text="click me", command=increment)
> but1.grid()
> but without any success.
> cheers!
> 2010/8/19 Firat Ozgul <ozgulfirat at gmail.com>
> [quote]Cameron Laird: "update() is *not* essential:  after() provides a
>> non-threading alternative."[/quote]
>> I agree. If you would not like to use update(), you can use after() in
>> your code with pretty much the same functionality:
>> http://paste-it.net/public/e7ce371/
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