[Tkinter-discuss] python 3.1 - tkinter 8.4 - no tile?

Guido Carballo-Guerrero charras at me.com
Tue Aug 31 06:15:25 CEST 2010


I don't know that. Maybe somebody from here might be able to answer that, but I don't know. I'm kinda new into Tkinter as well. I have less than a year using it.

What I told you was what worked for me. And yes, what worked for me was installing source, which I download from here:


I don't understand as well, why the Mac Os x Installer Disk Image don't come already with Tk/Tcl 8.5, specially since the Windows installer already comes with all that ready, but well. I would even suggest that Python should come with ttk.

Those anybody knows what Python doesn't comes already with ttk? Why the Mac installer doesn't have Tk/Tcl as part of the installation?

But anyway Monte, in the mean time, try what I suggest. For me works just fine. As I told you before, if you need detail instructions on how to install Python and ttk from source, let me know.


Guido Carballo

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>   1. Re: python 3.1 - tkinter 8.4 - no tile? (Monte Milanuk)
> From: Monte Milanuk <memilanuk at gmail.com>
> Date: August 29, 2010 9:06:15 AM GMT-06:00
> To: tkinter-discuss at python.org
> Subject: Re: [Tkinter-discuss] python 3.1 - tkinter 8.4 - no tile?
> On 8/28/10 6:42 AM, Guido Carballo-Guerrero wrote:
>> Monte, do you have python 3.1 or 2.6.5. I had a mac as well, and when I
>> try to use ttk didn't work. They way I solve was to copy the ttk.py file
>> inside of the site-packages, which in my case is inside of:
>> Library/Frameworks/Python.framewors/Versions/2.7/lib/python2.7/site-packages
>> Than, what I will recommend is to install from the source, not the
>> installer disk image. If you install from the installer disk image, once
>> you try to use ttk, you will see that the Tk and Tcl connected to ttk
>> are version 8.4, which will not work.
>> If you need details instructions on how to install from the source let
>> me know.
>> I hope this helps. Regards!
>> Guido Carballo
> Hello Guido,
> I recently (yesterday) went through and cleaned out the 'other' stuff I'd accumulated over a period of tinkering; currently I have the default Python that ships with 10.6.x, and then a 'fresh' install of MacPython 2.6.5 from python.org via the disk image file I downloaded from there. I'd debated about whether to use MacPython or Activestate Python, which sounded like it supported the newer versions of tk better, but it also sounded like in order for that to work I'd have to download and install Activestate Tcl as well... maybe that's the simplest option...?
> Are you saying that in order to use ttk with MacPython I need to compile python from the source code?
> Is there some particular reason why the folks @ python seem to resist upgrading to tkinter 8.5 & tile/ttk?  I thought it had been out for *years* now (well before python 2.6, anyways)... why do I need to jump thru all these dang hoops to use what seems like it should be the current version of things?  Sorry for the vent... I realize I'm very new to this and probably lack perspective and all that, but I'd really like to know.
> Thanks,
> Monte
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