[Tkinter-discuss] Techniques for creating the appearance of frames with custom border colors

Michael Lange klappnase at web.de
Fri Dec 17 18:27:52 CET 2010

Thus spoketh python at bdurham.com 
unto us on Fri, 17 Dec 2010 12:04:18 -0500:

> Michael,
> Your code works wonderfully - thank you very much!!
> One question: Why did you add your inner frame to the canvas as a window
> via c.create_window() vs. just packing the frame?

To be honest, for no special reason, it seemed the "natural choice" to
me :)
BTW, in my example I did frame.configure(width=...) in the <Configure>
event binding, which at a second glance I would replace with
canvas.itemconfigure (w, width=event.width-2...)
A real advantage of the window items vs. pack() might be that it is
probably easier to handle when there are multiple widgets placed in the

> I tried the frame packing technique per the following code change
> (replacing c.createwindow with pack):
> f = Frame(c, width=w-2, height=h-2)
> # w = c.create_window(1, 1, window=f, anchor='nw')
> f.pack() # note: will not work if passed fill='both', expand=1
> And the code seemed to work with the following caveats:
> - the top row of the rectangle is not displayed (I can't figure this one
> out)

You can avoid this with pack(pady=(1,0))



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