[Tkinter-discuss] Tkinter accessability options

python at bdurham.com python at bdurham.com
Thu Dec 30 20:42:46 CET 2010

I'm cross-posting this thread from python-list.

> Not all the people were happy because the darkness disappeared partially for some of them and more and more blind people started to use a computer, and discovered that the Tk interfaces are absolutely inaccessible for them.

Might this package help? (I have no experience with this project)

Tka11y 0.1.1 - accessibility-aware Tkinter

Another idea: Use Tkinter's <Enter> events to speak TTS descriptions of
the current control and/or its contents?

I would love to hear from anyone using either of these techniques ... or 
other techniques or screen reader products ... to make their Tkinter
applications accessible to low vision/blind users.


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