[Tkinter-discuss] Exiting a Tkinter Program-- An Anomaly or two

Wayne Watson sierra_mtnview at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 11 00:14:23 CET 2010

I'm looking a 1800+ line someone else wrote. It uses one large dialog 
for menus, and has a large area for images. A few menus open small 
dialogs, for example, to enter a file name. The File menu has an exit 
choice. The only other exit is the x in the upper right corner of the 
large dialog. I'm pretty sure that menu is coded to quit via a short def 
in the program.

def Quit(self)
    self.running = False

I see no other code to quit. If I use Exit(menu item), the program does 
not quit. If I then use the x, it quits and the shell script is left 
open for a command. Any ideas why Quit doesn't work in the first case? 
It's accessible  via a
self.mainMenu.add_command(.. command=self.Quit)
I  had not turned the program loose by using a menu or touching any 

If I cause the program to print to the shell, and then use x to exit 
that it hangs the shell. Why? When I x the shell, it tells me  the prog 
is running." Do I want to kill it?" Yes, kills the shell  window.

The above seems abnormal to me. Comments?
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