[Tkinter-discuss] Tkinter vs Tk strangness

Daniel.Schep at srnl.doe.gov Daniel.Schep at srnl.doe.gov
Mon Oct 18 16:39:58 CEST 2010

Hello all. I've been working on a converting a program from Tcl to Python 
for maintainability reasons and ran into a very strange problem (on 
Windows XP, using classic theme, if that's relevant). I haven't been able 
to find it documented any where.

Essentially there is a permanent 'shadow' underneath disabled button text 
in Tkinter that is not permanent in Tk.

A set of codes that demonstrates this difference is:

button .b -text weird -state disabled -font "system 20" -bg blue2
pack .b

from Tkinter import *
r = Tk()
b = Button(r, text='weird', state=DISABLED, font="system 20", bg='blue2')

Here is a set of images that demonstrates the problem on my machine, with 
Python 2.5.6 from Python.org (which uses Tk and Tcl 8.5.9 from 


- Daniel
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