[Tkinter-discuss] Advanced Text example showing "rich text" like or syntax color coding markup?

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Thu Oct 28 19:31:42 CEST 2010

I'm new to Tkinter development. We have a very simple markup
language that we would like to "syntax color code" using
Tkinter's Text widget.

I'm looking for a simple code snippet, demo app, or high-level
narrative description that explains how one might do this from
one or more of the following perspectives:

- initial markup during load
- realtime markup while a user edits content (including clipboard
- at file save time when one must walk the editted content

To start the discusson, how might one do this with an example
markup language with the following syntax?

- any word beginning with '*' gets coded blue
- any word beginning with '@' gets coded green
- all other text has no formatting

Thank you,
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