[Tkinter-discuss] Treeview with a single column header

Emiliano Gavilán emilianogavilan at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 22:49:09 CEST 2011

> The problem is that the title puts me in a second column and the data in
> the first.

The 'text' option of the insert method is for the tree column. To insert
values on the other columns use the 'values' option, or the set method
after the item is inserted.

You can also control whether the tree column is shown or not with the
'show' option.


import Tkinter
import ttk

master = Tkinter.Tk()

# add  show=['headings']  to hide the tree column
tabla = ttk.Treeview(master, columns=['widgets'])
tabla.heading('widgets', text='Item')

item = tabla.insert('', 0, text='In the tree', values=['date1'])
# values can be left out and instead use
# tabla.set(item, 'widgets', 'date1')




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