[Tkinter-discuss] tkinter - hopefully forecasting a very long life...

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Wed Jul 6 14:25:23 CEST 2011

On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 3:10 AM, alexxxm <magni at inrim.it> wrote:

> Hi people,
> I'm midway in writing a simple wiki, in python+tkinter (thanks also to your
> help, http://old.nabble.com/newbie-request-for-help-td31791699.html).
> Simple for the typical developer maybe, but for me is long work, and once
> you start optimizing stuff, it can become a very large project.
> And suddenly I become prey of doubts: did I chose the right language?
> >From the POV of being the easiest method I found for writing a program and
> its GUI, I'm really happy with it.
> But I intend to use this wiki for many years to come... will tkinter stay
> with us for so long? What do you think about tkinter's long-term
> prospectives?

Tkinter has been around for a *long* time, and from what I gather is still
under active development. I strongly suspect that, barring some worldwide
disaster, or the death of Python, Tkinter will probably be around and plenty
strong for many more years.

Though if you're worried about how your GUI is handling things, you might
start looking at some design patterns, such as the model-view-presenter (
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Model-view-presenter) that help you separate
the business logic of your program from the view of your program.
Theoretically that means that if you did it right, you could change your
front end from Tkinter to HTML to GTK to a Braille output with just a few
keystrokes (assuming you had the front end setup correctly!).

Good design is one of those hard things in programming - and usually there's
no right answer, though there are definitely many *wrong* answers ;)

Good luck!
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