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I haven't install python 3.1, and as far as I knew, 3.1 was a little bit different than 2.7 with respect to ttk, or maybe is python 3.2. By the way, why you're installing 3.1 instead of 3.2? You know, 3.2 is the latest version, maybe installing this version is easier, but any way, this is what I did to make 2.7 work with ttk:

1. download the source code and not the installer package
2. uncompress the file--the computer does this automatically for you
3. go where the package was uncompress using the terminal--oper a terminal, and type: ls ~/Downloads/python..., instead of the points write the name of the folder that was created when you uncompress the file you download
4. type the following commands one at a time and press enter for each command:

	./configure --enable-universalsdk --enable-framework
	make frameworkinstall

After this Python should be already install in your computer, and you should be able to use ttk. Remember that to import ttk on version 3.x you should do: import tkinter.ttk

I'm in the process of writing a tutorial of Python, maybe it can help you, this is the link:




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> Today's Topics:
>   1. Python3.1 mac os (Georges Arsouze)
> From: Georges Arsouze <georges.arsouze at gmail.com>
> Date: July 15, 2011 6:37:34 AM GMT-03:00
> To: tkinter-discuss at python.org
> Subject: [Tkinter-discuss] Python3.1 mac os
> Hi
> sorry for my poor english
> 1) I'm working on mac os  snow leopard 10.6 and python 3.1
> I want to use the ttk and tix widgets
>  I have an error message : require tile
> On the mailing list i see
> I think that it is probably much easier to install the tile extension 
> for Tk-8.4 than upgrading Tcl/Tk and Python to Tk-8.5 . You can look 
> for tile packages here: 
>    http://sourceforge.net/projects/tktable/files/
> and once tile is installed you can use ttk just as if you had Tk-8.5 . 
> I hope this helps 
> Michael 
> What can i do for installing tile ?
> 2)I try pyhon 3.2 from activate state
> Tcl/tk is in version 5
> but idle crash
> can you help me ? I'm beginning with python
> regards
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