[Tkinter-discuss] CX_freeze and Tkinter on Macosx with Python 2.7

Michael O'Donnell michael.odonnell at uam.es
Mon Nov 7 18:29:31 CET 2011

> Any reason you are using CX_freeze and not py2app, which is the
> most-developed and best-tested solution for freezing an app on OS X?

I have used py2app happily for years. With the change to ActivePython 2.7.2,
my py2app script stopped running.

SystemExit: error: argv-emulation is not supported for 64-bit executables

Seems that there was (is?) a problem with argv emulation on
the 64 bit version. I found two solutions.

1) Use ActiveState's pure 32 bit installer for Python 2.7.2.
    BUT, this uses Tcl 8.4, and I need 8.5 for unicode display.

2) Get rid of any use of argv use in my target application
(which is a bit of a problem for my app.

3) Run my py2app script with python2.7-32 in a shell window,

The script actually worked, but the constructed application
failed, some problem in   _get_argvemulator().mainloop(),
which makes me think it is the same problem in a different
guise. Is my application 64 bits even though compiled
in 32 bit python? How would one tell py2app to use the 32 bit
python as a base?

So, while my application runs fine on my own machine
I can't seem to use py2app to make a functional standalone.

I was hoping cx_freeze would avoid some of these problems.

But just got me deeper into debugging woes.


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