[Tkinter-discuss] Questions about treeview

Bill Felton subscriptions at cagttraining.com
Thu Apr 12 14:32:58 CEST 2012

Hi all,
Is it true that the ttk treeview widget 'swallows' right-mouse clicks?
We have a need that could be met with the treeview if we could only figure out how to get pop-up menus to work in that widget.
Our tests seem to show that regardless of where in the containment structure one binds <button-2> (widget, frmae, outframe, window, app), if the widget at the "bottom" of the stack is a treeview, the mouse button-2 event will not be caught.

Also, are there plans to fix the current problems with horizontal scrolling in treeviews?  We have used the work-around of having an empty data column that the user can drag to the right; once the drag moves past the visible bounds of the frame containing the treeview the horizontal scrollbar appears.  This seems clumsy and un-intuitive, so we're hoping there's another, better, way to get horizontal scrolling to work.


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