[Tkinter-discuss] problem changing font settings for ttk themed widgets on Windows

Lynn Oliver raycores at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 22:57:41 CEST 2012

On OS X, ttk.Style().configure('TLabelframe.label', font='helvetica 14 bold') works to change the font used by the ttk.LabelFrame widget. 

On Windows, ttk.Style().configure('TLabelframe.label', font='arial 14 bold') has no effect other than causing  ttk.Style().lookup('TLabelframe.label','font' to return the changed font info.

ttkButton and ttk.CheckButton also do not allow the font to be changed on Windows.  ttk.Label does allow the font to change.

I tried creating a derived style but that doesn't work either.

Changing the font setting in python27/tcl/tk8.5/ttk/xpTheme.tcl does change the font being displayed. Removing the -font TkDefaultFont setting from the theme settings does not change what is displayed or allow the font to be changed.

Any suggestions as to how this actually works?

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