[Tkinter-discuss] Tkinter and Alt bindings

Russell Adams RLAdams at AdamsInfoServ.Com
Sat Feb 11 16:06:43 CET 2012

On Sat, Feb 11, 2012 at 12:38:43PM +0100, Michael Lange wrote:
> Hi,
> Thus spoketh Russell Adams <RLAdams at AdamsInfoServ.Com>
> unto us on Fri, 10 Feb 2012 10:35:36 -0600:
> (...)
> >
> > And it works! If I just set the keycode to Super_L, the Alt behavior
> > works properly.
> >
> > I still don't understand why changing Alt_R changes the behavior of
> > Alt_L, but that was exactly the problem. I'd love to figure it out,
> > but I suspect its X11 weirdness. I had originally suspected it was
> > related to Mod1/Alt handling
> >
> > I'll use this for now!
> >
> I'm glad I could help!
> I think the problem is that Tk does not seem to differ between the two
> Alt keys at all; from man bind:
> " Similarly, the Alt modifier refers to whichever modifier is associated
> with the alt key(s) on the keyboard (keysyms Alt_L and Alt_R). "
> So obviously this has to be taken into account when changing xmodmap
> behavior. I am not familiar with xmodmap at all, maybe just defining the
> changes for "keysym" instead of "keycode" in ~/.Xmodmap helps (iirc
> someone suggested this somewhere, I am not sure at all though).
> It is just a guess, but maybe gtk and qt are aware of two different Alt
> keys so the problem does not occur there.

My only concern here is Alt_L was never modified. The xev output of
Alt-s remained the same when Alt_R wasn't changed and when it was.

Of course I was careful not to change the left Alt key everything uses
when I reassigned right Alt to the Windows key...

That's why this issue has been so frustrating, the behavior changed
when the key in question wasn't modified.


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