[Tkinter-discuss] Building python 2.6.5 w/TK-TCL 8.5.11 on linux, 32 & 64 bit

jrm at exa.com jrm at exa.com
Tue Feb 14 03:04:49 CET 2012

Trying to build python 2.6.5 with a modern TK.  The obvious approach of
setting --with-tcl and --with-tk at configure time is nicely consumed
without error...and then does nothing!   When the setup.py script runs to
build _tkinter later, the 8.5 information is nowhere to be found.

I'm presently trying to hack the 8.5 information directly into setup.py
but that's not going smoothly.  There must be a better way...

Has anyone else experienced this situation?

BTW, upgrading to 3 is not an option...



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