[Tkinter-discuss] python ImageTk.PhotoImage - segfault

Jonathan Zwart jtlz2 at astro.columbia.edu
Tue Feb 14 23:35:27 CET 2012

>looks like the answer to question #2 is obviously "yes".
>Unfortunately I don't know about the Mac, so I cannot help much with
>question #1.

>So it is just a guess:
>maybe you are using a PIL version that has been compiled for a
>different Python and/or Tk version than you actually are tryimng to use?
>Since the segfault seems to occur immediately after the PhotoImage is
>created, maybe it is a Tk-incompatibility rather than one with Python,
>but again, it is of course just guessed.

>So can you tell us which exact Python, Tk and PIL versions are in use and
>are these the default ones on your system or custom installs and do you
>have multiple versions of any of these installed?

I've upgraded to EDP 7.2-2, but the segfault still happens. So the
versions are (see http://www.enthought.com/products/epdlibraries.php):

python 2.7.2

PIL 1.1.7

Tk is I believe part of the Standard Library.

There are other versions of python on my system but as far as I know
EDP is self-contained. The EDP installation is the default.

Can anyone else reproduce this?

Jon Zwart
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