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Tue Feb 21 14:32:04 CET 2012

Hi Lion,

I've thought about what you've proposed many times (a Tkinter
framework), but have never had the time to implement it.

I think all your suggestions are on target.


I'm thinking of a module that:
  * supplies functions/tools to examine the widget hierarchy from
the shell
  * pretty print information about widgets
  * wraps event binding and implements a multiplexer, to work
around the widget.unbind(funcid=...) bug,
  * wraps idle binding and .after scheduling, so that you can
review bindings (like a task manager), see what's going on,
pause/continue (control) idle executions
  * setup Tk & withdraw in 1 call
  * return the full path for a widget
  * standardize access to the text content of Text, Entry, etc.,.
  * ...
  * ... (and anything else that makes life with tkinter generally

Has anyone created such a thing?
If no one has created one, is there a good reason for that?
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