[Tkinter-discuss] Error msg running Tcl demos for Tix 8.4.3 ("Can't find package Tix")

Jason Veldicott jasonveldicott at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 03:24:14 CET 2012


I am trying to run the (Tcl) Tix 8.4.3 demos which reside in

But running the main demo file, "widget", using the following command in
the wish85 shell:
 wish C:/Python26/tcl/tix8.4.3/demos/widget

produces this error message:

"Can't find package Tix while executing "package require Tix"

In an attempt to resolve the problem I added the Tix folder to the path,
and also the Tix dll and lib files to the respective folders in python
(DDLs and libs).  I also tried copying the demo files into the Tix folder.

Nothing seems to work.

Any suggestions?


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