[Tkinter-discuss] a couple of mac menu problems

Lynn Oliver raycores at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 20:06:38 CEST 2012

Along the same lines, I managed to get application/preferences to work on the Mac, but while application/about shows the name of my Python app (built with pyinstaller), it displays the 'Tcl & Tk' dialog.  

The TkDocs-TK Tutorial on menus shows this as a TODO item (http://www.tkdocs.com/tutorial/menus.html).  While I was able to figure out the preferences menu by looking at the idlelib sources, I couldn't get the application/about menu to work.

Any suggestions?

On Jun 15, 2012, at 6:45 AM, Kevin Walzer wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> Please see my answers below:
>> Here's a bit of code used to create the Help menu:
>>     if MAC:
>> 	self.master.createcommand("tkAboutDialog", self.about_action)
>> 	self.master.createcommand("::tk::mac::ShowHelp",
>> 		self.help_action)
>>     helpMenu = tk.Menu(self.menubar, name="help")
>>     helpMenu.add_command(label="Help", underline=0,
>> 	    command=self.help_action)
>>     if not MAC:
>> 	helpMenu.add_command(label="About", underline=0,
>> 		command=self.about_action)
>>     self.menubar.add_cascade(label="Help", underline=0,
>> 	    menu=helpMenu)
> There's some magic in the Tk-Cocoa help menu--if you define the tk::mac::showHelp command and map it to your function that calls user help, you don't need to add a separate entry for help. (There's already an entry hard-coded for help, along with the search field.) So the helpMenu.add_Command(label="Help")... stuff is redundant.
>> I end up with these menus:
>>     ActivePython3.2
>> 	About ActivePython3.2 # correctly invokes my about action
> If you're just running the app from Python and not wrapping it with a tool such as py2app, this is the expected behavior.  The "about" menu picks up the name of the executable from its info.plist file, which in this case is Python.
>>     Help
>> 	Search # some apple-specific thing that just appears
>> 	ActivePython3.2 Help # invokes my help action
>> 	Help                 # invokes my help action
>> Problems:
>> (1) I don't know how to rename the "ActivePython3.2" menu to "My App".
>> (2) I don't know how to rename the "About ActivePython3.2" menu option
>>     to "About" or "About My App".
> See above--you need to wrap this as a standalone app using py2app or cx_freeze.
>> (3) I don't know how to eliminate the "ActivePython3.2 Help" menu option.
>>     If I don't do helpMenu.add_command() on the Mac that menu has no
>>     items ('cos the About is in the ActivePython3.2 menu) and so the
>>     Help menu doesn't appear at all.
> If you don't add any items to the help menu but just define it, I would expect to see an entry called "ActivePython 3.2 Help" that calls up a dialog which says, "Help isn't available for ActivePython 3.2."
> This is how I set up my help menu is one of my Python apps:
> 	        self.createcommand('::tk::mac::ShowHelp', self.runHelp)
>       self.helpmenu = Menu(self.mb, name='_help')
>        self.mb.add_cascade(label='Help', menu=self.helpmenu)
>        self.helpmenu.add_command(label='Phynchronicity Help', command=self.runHelp)
>        self.helpmenu.add_command(label='Contact Code by Kevin', command=self.getHelp)
>        self.helpmenu.add_command(label='Web Site', command=self.getWebSite)
>        self.helpmenu.add_command(label='User Forum', command=self.getUserForum)
>        self.helpmenu.add_command(label='Newsletter', command=self.getNewsletter)
> Hope this helps,
> Kevin
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