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Sun Mar 11 22:10:05 CET 2012

Hi Lion,

Read your spec on google-docs [1], saw my name mentioned as a
slacker<g>, and felt obligated to contribute to the discussion.

>  specific functions that you think would be valuable

Here's what I've been frustrated trying to create with

Framework level enhancements
- simple jquery-like smooth animation effects for moving widgets
into position
- a diagnostic tool like wxPython's WIT (widget inspector tool)
- ellipsis generator for "Text is too long to ..."
Widget specific
- jquery-like collapsible containers with smoothly animated
- simpler interface for creating scrollable frames
- a simpler interface for creating color coded markup rules for
Text controls
- modern looking, ttk based, locale-aware, calendar/datepicker
- masked input Entry widgets
- locale-aware (numeric, date, time) Entry widgets
- an autocomplete Entry widget
- listbox that allows drag-and-drop repositioning of rows
- ttk tree/grid control that allows drag-and-drop repositioning
of nodes/cells/rows
- a property-editor like widget


[2] http://wiki.wxpython.org/Widget%20Inspection%20Tool
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