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Michael O'Donnell michael.odonnell at uam.es
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Reference guide at:


HTML vertsion of Fredrik Lundh's book on tkinter,
from 1999, but still valid for explaining how things work
(Tkinter has not changed much, although some things have
been added, especially  TTK):


A lot of people are still working withpython 2.7. Some modules have not
yet been ported to python3, and users are waiting for the port.
I recently ported my program to 3, and support for some things
is a bit buggy, although mostly there (e.g., issues in numpy, py2app).
And yes, PIL is not yet ported to python3.


On Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 3:06 AM, Matthew Ngaha <chigga101 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Well actually, no. You can just install Python 2.7 and use PIL with
>> that. It might be better though to focus on things that do work in
>> Python 3 and find a tutorial that doesn't need PIL.
> oh thats a shame. ive look for many tkinter tutorials and all seem to
> only do it in Python 2. a book also would really help as they explain
> in more detail, but im yet to find a book for tkinter. the only 1 i
> saw was released in 2000:(
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