[Tkinter-discuss] FocusOut not working as expected - tix broken?

mkieverpy at tlink.de mkieverpy at tlink.de
Tue Oct 16 14:42:25 CEST 2012


thanks for the new hints/information Michael and Bryan.
I don't know if your hints would work in my setup, though.
Except bind_all, which should work, I guess.

My program structure:
I have a Frame, which is nearly the complete toplevel window
(only a title label and quit button outside;
this is the Frame I originally tried to let capture all the keys).
The left half is taken by a tix Tree and the right half
contains one of a few editor classes (subclassed from Frame)
which get exchanged based on the selected Tree node.
One type of nodes opens a Canvas in the right half
where I want the key shortcuts to work.

The problem I see with both your hints (bind keys to all widgets,
tag widgets and bind keys to tag) is I doubt they will work with tix Tree.
I don't think tix Tree hands down any bind or tag to
its subwidgets (or does it?).

Thanks again,
Matthias Kievernagel

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