[Tkinter-discuss] itemcget question

GKalman kalman_g at verizon.net
Sun Jan 13 20:06:39 CET 2013

In the short sample code below I have two print statements, each of which
contains  *"itemcget()"
The first print statement works OK. It accesses the "fill" option and
returns "red"

The second print statements generates an error-message. My intent is to
print (or in general access) one of  the coordinates of the oval (in this
example, designated as x1).

*In general my question is:*

How to access the coordinates  in a *canvas. create_oval(x1,y1,x2,y2,
options...*) statement?

#==================== SAMPLE CODE ====================================
from Tkinter import  *

class Appr:

    def __init__(self,root):
        self.c = Canvas(root, width=500, height=500) 
        self.c.pack(fill=BOTH, expand=YES)

        self.c.tag_bind('red', '<Button-1>', self.startDoIt) 

    def startDoIt(self,event): 
        widget = event.widget 
        self.startx, self.starty = widget.winfo_pointerxy()

       print widget.itemcget(self.oval,"fill")
       print widget.itemcget(self.oval, x1)

#=========== MAIN ====

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