[Tkinter-discuss] Tkinter (python 3) and Sql-Alchemy

Russell Adams RLAdams at AdamsInfoServ.Com
Sat Jan 26 01:50:56 CET 2013

I've hit a wall trying to make a fairly simple tkinter form oriented
application using SQL-Alchemy in keeping the tkinter widgets and the
sql-alchemy objects in synchronization. Google searches haven't
provided any benefit, so I turn to the mailing list.

Does anyone have any code samples, best practices, or could recommend
other open source programs that use tkinter and sql-alchemy that
correctly demonstrate how to work with the pair?

The issues I've been having are typically due to implicit string
conversions, input validation, converting strings back to the sql data
type (date, datetime, boolean, integer, decimal.decimal), and
synchronizing updates to the screen vs updates to the sql-a object.

I've tried a few methods now, including using Variables (ie: IntVar,
StringVar, etc), tracing those variables, and now I'm working through
creating a class which would inherit from Variable but perform the
type conversions.

Oddly enough session management has been a breeze.

Code is at:


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