[Tkinter-discuss] Getting an Entry field to stretch

John W. Shipman john at nmt.edu
Thu Jul 4 01:52:13 CEST 2013

On Wed, 3 Jul 2013, Lion Kimbro wrote:

|  I, too, am a big fan of The Old Way:
| import Tkinter as tk
| root = tk.Tk()
| root.tk.eval("""
| package require Tk
| frame .f
| canvas .f.c -bg red -borderwidth 0 -highlightthickness 0 -yscrollcommand
| {.f.vert set}
|   ...snip...

I'm thoroughly impressed.  I had no idea this was possible.  If
it didn't require that I learn Tcl, I might use it.

The whole reason I wrote my Tkinter reference was that when I
started, there was nothing around but the Tkinter Life Preserver,
which explained how to convert Tk from Tcl into Python, but I
didn't feel like learning another language.

Tell me, Mr Kimbro, do you use Teco for a text editor?  You seem
to be an old-timer, based on your posts here.

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