[Tkinter-discuss] confused on grid positioning vs. imports

Michael O'Donnell michael.odonnell at uam.es
Fri Mar 8 09:02:08 CET 2013

Hi Monte,

> I'm starting to think it'd just be easier to put some tags in comments at
> the start of the file to tell pylint to disable warning me about wildcard
> imports, and just go back to using those!

Yes, a lot simpler.

A lot of symbols such as S, N, X, Y, BOTH etc.
are constants (well, variables which don't change value)
used within Tkinter.

Most of us do a blanket "from tkinter import *"
to get all of these symbols defined.

Wildcard imports are considered bad because of
possible conflicts, you might end up importing
a symbol from two modules, and then your code
might end up using the wrong one.

My solution to this is to ONLY do wildcard import
from tkinter, or any module I myself write, and
in which I avoid tkinter symbols.


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