[Tkinter-discuss] Tcl/TK issue with viewVC (UNCLASSIFIED)

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> Thank you for the reply.  In fact, my Tk does NOT have thread support
> (great example you provided on how to find out).  As I'm not the one
> that installs applications, I'll need to sound a little intelligent to
> our IT department to get them to do it correctly.  When Tkinter is
> installed is there an option provided that allows thread support to be
> added (or not)?  What do I need to tell them to do to get me the thread
> support that I need?
> Also, don't know if this has anything to do with it or not...  When
> this RHEL 6.3 machine was initially built it only had 64-bit libraries,
> the 32-bit ones were added later.  I believe Tkinter was installed
> before the 32-bit libraries were added.  Could this be an issue, if
> viewVC requires 32-bit?  Should we just reinstall Tkinter?

I'm afraid the procedure is not trivial, if no precompiled packages are
available for the particular system; they would have to compile tcl and tk
with --enable-threads (iirc that's the name of the ./configure option) and
then compile python against the new Tcl/Tk.

However, when I take a second glance at the traceback, in particular the
following lines:

  File "/awars2a/Applicatio​ns/viewvc/viewvc-1-1​-18/bin/standalone.p​y",
    line 671, in ready self.title_lbl.confi​g(text='ViewVC standalone
    server at\n' + server.url)

I am beginning to suspect (though I admit that I was too lazy to
thoroughly look through the code) that in fact the code is buggy as it
seems to try to change the Tkinter.Label's text from the child thread.
Even better, when I look at:
these lines (resp. the use of Tkinter at all) are missing, so maybe they
actually found out about the bug and fixed it.

So I guess that maybe it is the best bet to try the latest
development version of viewVC.



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