[Tkinter-discuss] Event debugger

inq1ltd inq1ltd at inqvista.com
Mon Dec 29 19:49:00 CET 2014


If I understand your problem correctly, I may 
try this.

I expect that your code is in a class. 

class Kdata:
    vkey = ''  # add this under you class
               # definition

   # add lines of code
   # more lines of code

   # make your binder but before the binder
     add KdataSB.vkey =
   like this;
   KdataSB.vkey = something.bind('<F12>',

   # many more lines of code
   # somewhere in this code  write
    import module file 
    from module file import KdataSB

    # write 
    print KdataSB.vkey, 'line xxx\n' 

    whenever I run my program, the above 
    print statement sends to output, this
    number, 30555847260

    # you will get something else

    you should be able to write this print  
    statement where ever you think the binder
    should exist. You should get the same
    number in each place

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